Tier 1:  $130

Tier 2: $140

Tier 3: $155

Tier 4: $165


Tier 1:  $150

Tier 2: $160

Tier 3: $175

Tier 4: $185


Changes to Your Registration???:

Please be aware that changes to your registration information must be received 10 days prior to race day in order that we may focus on critical race day preparations. Teams may substitute a team member but please note that this could mean a change in the age group and category. Requests to change registration details after that time period cannot be guaranteed, however we will make every effort to accommodate them.

Refund Policy

Entry fees will not be refunded and cannot be transferred. For individual Sprint and Olympic participants only, we will provide a rollover to the following year if we receive an email request by June 15th. After June 15th, requests for rollovers will not be accepted. We will not provide a rollover for teams.

Payment method

Payment by credit card only.

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